I am just starting to write my copy for our Beamstyle Designs website, and I came across this text analysis tool which I find it quite useful to improve my copies.

I am currently writing a copy on online stores design, and I ran the text using the text analysis tool using the keyword “online store design”.

Here are some results I got from it:

Total word count : 331

I have read some online articles, and they suggest that around 250-500 words per page is a good number for both human readers and search engines.  Great!

Readability (Gunning-Fog Index) : (6-easy 20-hard) 7.1

Seems like our page could be read easily.

Now let’s see if the density of our keywords are good enough.

online store design Not found %

Right… silly me.  I never wrote any of that in my entire copy.  I guess that is why we need tools like this.  Let’s look at the keyword density of my other keywords.

Two word phrases:

Expression Expression count Frequency Prominence
online store 16 3.1% 43.3
online stores 7 1.3% 82
you can 5 1% 35.6
such as 5 1% 38.5
store solution 5 1% 40.5

Seems like I got a pretty good keyword density with the keyword “online store”.

Let’s see our three word phrases:

Expression Expression count Frequency Prominence
online store solution 5 1% 40.5
an online store 5 1% 43.6
how to build 3 0.6% 23.7
know how to 3 0.6% 23.9
we know how 3 0.6% 24.1
build an online 3 0.6% 28.8
to build an 3 0.6% 29
custom online store 3 0.6% 61.8

We got a good keyword density with the keyword “online store solutions”

I had read that the optimum keyword density should be 2-4% for 2 worded keywords and 0.8-1.5%  for 3 worded keywords.   Seems like I am on a good track… if I add back my target keyword in my copy.

Now I am wondering if I use run that tool with this copy. 🙂

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