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Tonight, I went to the supermarket and I wanted to check the number of points my supermarket cards has. I was greeted by this mess. Wow.

i have a holiday booked with my ex girlfriend what should i do.

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How to get your man back after broke up” alt=”A point card machine with a mess in front of it.” width=”375″ height=”500″ /> A point card machine with a mess in front of it.

You may think this is wierd, but actually there are so many websites which does similar things.

One time, I just want to check the minimum requirements for a PC game which I wanted to buy. I went on their website and they presented me with an intro movie. It took more than a minute to load, and I was forced to watch the entire thing. I don’t like that.  Neither do most customers, as they just want the information.

Marketing on the web is different from television.  For a television advertisement, a catchy and pretty animation much give a good image for potential customers.  For Internet advertisement, potential customers just want a quick and easy way to get all the information they want.  In other words, we want to increase our conversion rate, not decrease the conversion rate.

For marketing purpose, I don’t suggest anyone to put a large flash animation in the opening page. Even if you do, please add a link to skip it.

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