A garbage can full of trash mail.

Having a list of customers on your e-mail subscription list gives your company a chance to show your latest products and sell them.   However, this list of customers is only useful if it contains customers from your target segment.  Please don’t think that having the biggest list win.  DON’T!!  The following is a bad example on how you can increase your email subscription list.

Yesterday, I receive a text asking me to vote for a baby on this website.  The contest is a vote for the baby with the best smile, and the number one place’s baby will get his/her picture shown in a baby magazine.  So let’s see the votes:

A homepage which has a vote for the baby with the best smile.

Let’s look at number one’s vote.  4072 votes.  Wow.  And that is within one day.  Clearly, you can tell the votes are clicked by the same people repeatedly.  I don’t find him particularly cute.  I’ll pick Chole Pang over him anyday.

The problem with this voting system is that, at the same time, the website collecting its subscription list by asking the voter to input his/her e-mail.  What happens when the same people keep on voting?  They either just input the same e-mail again and again, or worse, they will input a fake e-mail.

What’s bad in having a list of fake e-mail?  The simple case, the emails will get bounced back.  The severe case, if you have enough fake e-mail addresses, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) will think you are a spammer and all e-mails going to that ISP will be marked as spam.  It’s tough to get your mail server off the spam list (trust me… I know).

So please create your subscription list more legitimately by providing double opt-in.

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