This is the first of a many parts series about starting up a web design company. Please scroll to the bottom of the article to read the other parts of this series.

Beamstyle Logo - Web Design Hong Kong
Beamstyle Logo - Web Design Hong Kong

Beamstyle was founded one day when I met a friend during a lunch. We both have the vision to be an entrepreneur, but we are unsure what we should do. We are pretty sure that it would be something software related, as my friend (and my business partner) is a master of computer science and I just have an deep interest and a degree in software engineering.

At first, we wanted to create a revolutionary web application which is a web based reminder and inventory management system. We shared this idea with a couple of our friends and they all liked it. However, things did not turn out as expected and the project was later scrapped.

This did not stop our entrepreneurial minds though. We are motivated that we can do something even better and bigger. One day, a friend of mine called me and asked me if I wanted to take on a freelance web based project. Since it was a pretty big project, I asked my partner if he had interest to help out. Coincidentally, he also had a potential project on hand and asked if I would like to contribute. This is the first time we think that there is a market for web design in Hong Kong.

Beamstyle was officially founded that day. A graphic designer and another programmer also joined us to create the company. However, starting up a business is not this simple.

I believe, as long as the motivation is there, Beamstyle will success as a business. In the next part of the series, I will talk about how we came up with the name “Beamstyle” and about domain name registration.

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