Welcome to part 2 of the multi-part series “Starting Up a Web Design Company”. Sorry for the slow updates as I am busy work on Beamstyle Web Design’s latest project. It is an online shop selling baby clothes. In this part, I will talk about how our team came up with the name Beamstyle and how we registered for the domain name.

Beamstyle actually got its name after long series thoughts. At the beginning, this company is actually called the SC Consultant Company (named after the founder of the company). However, our team thought this name sounds too professional and it doesn’t sound like a web design company. We would like a name which would easily associate with creativity and design. At the beginning, we found a couple of names we really like. There was one called “UniQ Web Design” (pronounced Unique). However, as with millions of other choices, the domain name is taken. Personally, I would like a .com address too because it is a default domain for almost all people. Everyone would try .com before trying the other domain. In addition, I would like to secure a .com.hk address for localization purposes.

Our team spent to entire day at name.com trying to look for a good name, and at the end we came up with a list of names with a .com address. Our criteria for choosing a name is that it must be 1 or 2 words, and it must have no hyphens and special characters. At the end, our choice is down to “Beamstyle” and “StyleStreak”. Actually, I really liked StyleStreak myself. However, when I mentioned this name to a few of my friends in Hong Kong, they are having problems remembering the “streak” part. I have seen people typing from “StyleStrake” to “StyleStreet”. Therefore, at the end we chose Beamstyle as our name.

Another unexpected thing we faced is that in order to register for .com.hk address, we need to have a business license. Luckily we have one already, or else it will take us much more time and investment to register for one.

Our website is 90% done now with just minor tweaks and bugs remaining to finish. Please take a look at Beamstyle Web Design Hong Kong website and give us your opinions.

In the next part, we will talk about writing a business plan and how useful it is to write one.

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