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A couple days ago, I was given a task to convert a webpage using HTML tables for positioning to a webpage using CSS for positioning. I was rather lazy and I looked for a free tool to do this task. After looking up in Google for a few minutes, I found this software called Table2CSS Converter. This software is actually quite user friendly to use. All you have to do is to specify a folder to convert and it’s all done for you.

Taking a look from the website, it claims that the advantages of this tool includes:

  • the reduced number of HTML tags will make search engines give your page a better result
  • reduced the page size and speed up the load time
  • makes the website more maintainable

I agree with the following points, except I am a little unsure about the reduced HTML tags will really make your page rank better.

This all sounds really great, but when I looked at the result source files, I am not all that convinced about the reduced page size. The actual HTML page is a lot smaller(around 20kb), but in contrast, it generates a 60kb CSS stylesheet file. All the <table>, <tr>, and <td> tags are replaced by the <div> tag with different classes.

While the results meet our objective of converting all the HTML tables into CSS, but the results are not optimized. I ended up converting the tables manually and we got our HTML page to be 9kb and the CSS stylesheet to be 3kb (95% smaller than what the tool generated).

I guess for users who wants better SEO results and they are not too technical, this tool is great. For the rest of us, we can do better than the tool. For the serious people who are not too technical, they should find a web design vendor.

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