Would like to show some best and most commonly used shortcut keys in Microsoft Excel that can be used in 2003-2010 version. To find all the shortcut key, searching in the “Help” by using the keywords -> Keyboard shortcuts.

Move around the Worksheets

Home Move to the beginning of the row
Ctrl+Home Move to the beginning of the workaheet
Ctrl+End Move to the last cell on the worksheet, in the bottom-most used row of the rightmost used column
Ctrl+Arrow Move to edge of region
Ctrl+Page Up

Ctrl+Page Down

Move to the pervious sheet

Move to the next sheet

Ctrl+Tab Move to next open workbook

Quick Data Selection

Ctrl+* Select current region
Ctrl+A Select all cells
Ctrl+Shift+End Select from active cell to last call in used range
Ctrl+Shift+Home Select from active cell to A1


Select columns

Select rows

Shift+arrow key Extend the selection by one cell
Ctrl+Shift+arrow key Extend the selection to the last nonblank cell in the same column or row as the active cell

Instant Cell Formatting

Ctrl+1 Format Cells
Ctrl+B Bold
Ctrl+U Underline

Efficient Windows Operation

Alt+Tab Switch to the next program
Ctrl+Esc Display the Windows Start menu
PrtScr Copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard
Ctrl+Print Screen Copy a picture of the selected windows to the of a dialog box
Tab Move to the next option or option group of a dialog box
Shift+Tab Move to the previous option or option group of a dialog box

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