Find out what your needs are.
If you want to show off your company’s core business and it hardly ever changes, then you may not need a full blown CMS solution. If you want to sell a couple of products online, maybe all you need is an online form with Paypal integration, not a complete e-commerce solution.

Pay for only what you really need.
Please make sure you are getting the services you want. I have heard stories where companies only want a simple Paypal integration for the couple of products they are selling, but the solution provider keep asking them to get a full e-commerce solution. The resulting price ended up about 300% higher than what it would’ve been, and the customer had gained nothing as a result. In addition, there are a lot of companies boosting that they can do SEO. Make sure SEO is really what you need before agreeing to pay for it. If your website is just your online portfolio which you want to show off to your friends, then you probably don’t need SEO.

Make sure you are getting what you want for the package.
Never assume what you are getting as a part of your package. Once the agreement is signed, it is rather a difficult (and unwilling for most solution provider) to change the requirement for free. Make sure that if you need web hosting or domain registration, you need to ask if it is included in the package.

Make sure you remember these points, even if your solution provider is Beamstyle Web Design Hong Kong 🙂

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You may think this is wierd, but actually there are so many websites which does similar things.

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Having a list of customers on your e-mail subscription list gives your company a chance to show your latest products and sell them.   However, this list of customers is only useful if it contains customers from your target segment.  Please don’t think that having the biggest list win.  DON’T!!  The following is a bad example on how you can increase your email subscription list.

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