Recently, Google has implemented the local search for Google Hong Kong (or at least I just noticed), and we are on the top 10 list. The result has been awesome. We are getting a lot more conversions since.


In April, we are not getting much traffic from search engine (most are referred from Yahoo), and the number of conversions are not too spectacular.


In June, we can find our own website on Google’s local search, and the result is awesome. We are getting more new inquiries than ever.

Optimizing for local search is extremely important, and it gives a newer site like ours a chance to be on top of Google.

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Table2CSS Converter Box

A couple days ago, I was given a task to convert a webpage using HTML tables for positioning to a webpage using CSS for positioning. I was rather lazy and I looked for a free tool to do this task. After looking up in Google for a few minutes, I found this software called Table2CSS Converter. This software is actually quite user friendly to use. All you have to do is to specify a folder to convert and it’s all done for you.

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