Violations of the Swedish law on private placement and the hiring of workers are punishable by fines by the Swedish Labour Court. The amount of the sentence varies depending on the nature of the offence. All problems related to the application of tariff conditions are finally resolved by the national mediation body (Medlingsinstitutet, MI) and, if a collective agreement permits, by the Labour Arbitration Tribunal, which is also entitled to impose fines. Failure to comply with the rules will also result in the withdrawal of an agency`s accreditation. In Poland, taw companies should expect the same penalties, usually fines, as for other employers in case of violations of the labour code or health and safety rules. In the event of a violation of the provisions of the Equal Treatment Act, temporary workers are also entitled to claim damages from the Agency (which can be recovered from the user company if it is guilty). Interim work is also used in areas affected by seasonal demand models. This has been reported in the expanding tourism and construction sectors in Romania, where it is also used to replace employees who take summer or Christmas holidays in sectors such as manufacturing, construction and civil engineering, retail, information technology and secretarial services. In the United Kingdom, temporary workers are widely employed to cover workers` absences due to sickness or maternity leave or for unemployment insurance, while companies are subject to the process of appealing vacancies. These reasons have been explained in most UK companies (58%) According to the 2004 Workplace Labour Relations Survey, although 37% also used temporary work to meet the various demand options. Studies by the United Kingdom also indicate that the increase in temporary work is linked to short-term budgetary control and labour shortages, particularly in the public sector.

The difficulties faced by some employers in meeting their employment needs are another consideration in countries such as Poland and Bulgaria, which are experiencing severe labour shortages in some sectors. Interim work is therefore under control under conditions of growth, economic fluctuations or increasing competitive pressures. A final consideration is that if the sector is better established, the agency`s businesses are better able to market their activities to potential workers and client companies, offering a wider range of services and establishing longer-term relationships.

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