The sub-circumscription court processes applications for dismissal due to insufficient benefit or a breakdown in the employment relationship. The Workers` Insurance Agency (UWV) deals with Reduncancies for financial and/or organisational reasons. The UWV may also consider long-term disability as a legitimate reason. If you leave negotiations on the termination of your employment contract to our redundancy specialists, we will defend your interests and we will also try to obtain reimbursement of your employer`s legal assistance costs. We usually do that. Even if your employer is not willing to reimburse the costs, we offer a unique guarantee that the negotiation effort will not cost you anything if the negotiations do not result in a better agreement than what the employer suggested to you at the beginning. The sub-district may grant additional payment if the termination of the employment relationship is a fault or omission of the employer if the parties do not reach an agreement by mutual agreement and the employer wants to impose termination of the employment contract for personal reasons (for example. B under-performance), the employer may apply to the sub-district court for dismissal. Example of billing agreement: If you need a billing contract for example, you can download an example here. If the court rejects the application for dismissal, the employment contract remains in force. The court may decide, at the employee`s request, that you are also required to pay a reasonable additional amount if it considers that the termination of the employment contract is due to the fact that you have committed a “serious or culpable act or omission”. The court is responsible for determining the amount of this additional and reasonable payment.

Workers who wish to terminate their own employment contract can apply for court authorization. For the court to agree, the circumstances must be in such a way that it is reasonable for the contract to be terminated immediately or in the short term. From 2015, the severance pay was set by the government and is due independently of the end of the line (by agreement, authorization or court decision). If your employee agrees to terminate his employment contract, you do not have to take the matter to the UWV or the court. Once the employee has given consent, he or she has 14 days to withdraw. If consent is effectively withdrawn, the worker remains in your job. You do not have to ask your employee for his consent. Unless other agreements have been reached with you There is no legal obligation on the employer to compensate the employee for the legal costs incurred by the employee in order to have the termination agreement reviewed by a lawyer. A valid termination contract can be entered into without the participation of a lawyer. However, if the worker enters into the contract without assistance and without legal advice, the worker may, at a later date, argue that he does not fully consider the legal consequences of the agreement and that he is trying to cancel the agreement.

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