Many people do not understand the differences between Yahoo! Store and a self-hosted e-commerce solution such as Prestashop. Both solution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some customers ask us whether they need a self-hosted e-commerce solution or not. I always tell them that it really depends on what their needs are. In general, if our customers are unsure of their sales target and just want to open a store, I would recommend them to first use a simplier solution such as Yahoo! Store to test the market. Otherwise, I believe a self-hosted e-commerce solution will save more money in the long run. Here is a simple comparison of the two solutions.

Feature Yahoo! Store Self-hosted e-commerce solution
Cost Yahoo! Store costs around $400 HKD for the initial setup fee. In addition, for its starter package, it has a monthly fee of around $320 HKD and a 1.5% transaction fee (does not include credit card payment or Paypal payment fees). For its professional package, it costs around $2400 HKD monthly and a 0.75% transaction fee. A self-hosted e-commerce solution has a one time setup fee (which includes web site design and programming fee) which is significantly higher than the Yahoo! store (depending on the functionality). In addition, there is a server cost to host the solution. There are no hidden fees.
Design Somewhat customizable, but it requires a programmer and graphics designer to do it (cost depends on the rate of the design team). Fully customizable, and the cost is already included in the solution package.
Reliability Depends on Yahoo!’s server uptime Depends on the hosted server uptime (you must ask yoru server provider what is its guarantee uptime)
Functionality Limited to what Yahoo! offers to its customers (cannot add new functionalities) Fully customizable (for example, you can integrate the shop’s user account system to an existing user database)
Ownership The shop is hosted on Yahoo and it belongs to Yahoo.  You cannot easily move your shop to another provider. The shop belongs to you, you can open the shop on several different web sites without paying anything extra (except for server fee).
Performance Depends on the performance of Yahoo! Depends on the hosted server (you can choose the location of the server.  For example, if your shop is opened in HK, then you can get a server in Hong Kong to get optimum speed)

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